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Notice: SteelHome Database Updated (Version

// [SteelHome] 2019-10-11 16:53:38

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pk10ע ע Ϻ11ѡ ٷվ ƽ̨ ͸ վ ʱʱ

SteelHome Database is updated on October 11, 2019. Compared to the old version, the new steelHome database is proved to be more user-friendly. Based on the 9 sections and huge amount of data, it adds My Data and Axis Setting functions so that users can customized their own tables and charts.

Whoever is interested in the new SteelHome Database and would like to have a free trial, please feel free to contact us

Link: SteelHome Database (2019 Version) Launched   

(To contact the reporter on this story: or 0086-21-50585358)
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pk10ע ע Ϻ11ѡ ٷվ ƽ̨ ͸ վ ʱʱ